September 7, 2011

Giving Up More Than You Realize with FourSquare and LocalMind

  —The risk of revealling your real-time location.

In a post entitled Giving Up More Than You Realize with Twitter I described how the real time and public nature of Twitter can lead you to inadvertently expose your location to anyone following you. With Twitter, the problem of implicitly giving away your location by disclosing where you currently are located is also a problem.

It is worthwhile noting that FourSquare and LocalMind remove the possibility of implicit disclosure of your location by making your location explicit. This doesn't remove the risk of telling people when you are not at home but it does ensure that you know you are revealing your location whenever you use FourSquare or LocalMind.


The LocalMind website is offline. The LocalMind URL above is a capture by the Internet Archive from when this article was published.
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