December 1, 2011

Arrived iPhone App

  —A look at the Arrived iPhone application.

Experimented with a new iPhone app called Arrived. I like the concept and think it's a great idea. The concept is simple. The app notifies others of your arrival or notifies you of other people's arrival at a location of interest to you.

You pick the locations and the people and Arrived does the rest. If you frequent locations or you meet with people frequently Arrived will let those people know when you arrive or when they arrive. A very cool idea because you can select the places you frequent most and let the people you care about know when you are there.

I like the concept of Arrived much better than FourSquare or LocalMind because it limits who has access to your location and you aren't required to check-in. My initial impression is that Arrived isn't entirely positioned to benefit the businesses you frequent and that it actually provides value to the user in a way that resonates with the original ideas behind social networking.

Arrived is great as a concept. I haven't been able to use it too much and can't vouch for the quality of the implementation. Definitely worth a look.


The link to the Arrived application on iTunes has been removed. It is no longer available.
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