July 23, 2018

RSS Feed Validation with Jekyll Feed

  —Ran into some problems getting IFTTT to work with Jekyll Feed.

I couldn’t get IFTTT to pick up my RSS feed on my new blog. With the help of the W3C Feed Validator I was able to diagnose the problems.

YAML site URL shouldn’t end with a ‘/’. I changed this URL as follows.

diff --git a/_config.yml b/_config.yml
index 6b317a7..dc2b996 100644
--- a/_config.yml
+++ b/_config.yml
@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ timezone: America/Toronto
 future: false
 # url is currently only used only for the RSS feed in feed.xml
-url: https://bminard.github.io/
+url: https://bminard.github.io
 # baseurl will often be '', but for a project page on gh-pages, it needs to
 # be the project name.

The W3C Nu HTML Validator showed some problems in the templates. These included missing closing div tags.

A problem with URLs was fixed by reading Clearing Up Confusion Around baseurl – Again.

Embed files from a github repository like a gist using gist-it.appspot.com. I had script files embedded in blog posts. For example:

<script src="http://gist-it.appspot.com/https://github.com/bminard/experimental/blob/master/reviewboard/diff">

This worked flawlessly on Blogger but doesn’t render on GitHub. It won’t render and is flagged by the feed validator because the HTML script tag shows up in the feed. No solution currently.

I added html-proofer to my Jekyll build chain. This permitted identification of broken links along with other issues in the posts.

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