September 27, 2018

Resources for Exceptions in .NET

  —Exceptions in .NET and C#

Some resources for exception handling in .NET:

ADVANCED EXCEPTIONS IN .NET nice, recent introduction to the exeption handling mechanisms in the CLR. References Handling and throwing exceptions in .NET.

ECMA C# and Common Language Infrastructure Standards. Exceptions are discussed in:

  • ECMA-334 defines the standard exception classes and when they are thrown. It also includes a description of the try-catch mechanism used by the language.
  • ECMA-335 defines the exception handling model used by the CLR.

Collecting User-Mode Dumps defines a registry key to enable application dumps.

Application Recovery and Restart defines a mechanism for collecting application information on unhandled exceptions. It is intended for C and C++ developers.

Capturing unhandled exceptions in a mixed native/CLR environment discusses how to manage unhandled exceptions in the CLR and native code.

Tools for Exploring .NET Internalsr: curated list of resources for debugging .NET applications.

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