May 17, 2019

Structured Data for Search

  —Introducing Structured Data to my blog.

I was reviewing Search Engine Optimization and came across a post from Paul D’Ambra on adding Structured Data to a Jekyll blog. Super helpful.

It provides pointer on how to add Structured Data to your home page and blog posts.

I had a bit of trouble with with the home page description, but solved it using Carousels. Pay particular attention to the markup in the examples.

The blogListElement.html component is missing from Paul’s article. I provide an implementation below that the Structured Data Testing Tool reports as ok. The schema is different and I couldn’t get it to pass to tool without these changes.

Importantly, Paul’s implementation provides articles in reverse chronological order, so the most recent come first. This is probably what you want from a Carousel.

I was able to use Paul’s blog post implementation. Some modifications to include keywords, license and copyright.

(I also safely say that Paul’s blog is more authoritative than mine. Having read his blog, mine is now authoritative for being unread.)

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